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An apprenticeship is a job with training. Being an apprentice means that you have a job that includes gaining recognised qualifications and essential skills whilst you are working and earning a wage.

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The facts about Apprenticeships

If you live in England and are over 16 you can apply for an Apprenticeship. There are various levels of Apprenticeship you can undertake depending on your current skills and qualifications: Intermediate Level Apprenticeship (Level 2); Advanced Level Apprenticeship (Level 3); Higher and Degree Level Apprenticeships (Level 4 or above)

All Apprenticeships are real jobs so all apprentices earn a salary. You must be paid at least the national minimum Apprenticeship wage – and many employers pay significantly more.

Apprentices should work for at least 30 hours per week and an Apprenticeship takes between one and five years* to complete, depending upon the level of Apprenticeship and the industry sector.

Most of the training is delivered in the workplace, so you will learn the skills you need to do the job well. The rest of the training is given by a training organisation, either at the workplace, off-site (perhaps at college) or via e-learning.

The training is specifically tailored to ensure you develop the skills the employer wants, giving apprentices a real advantage in the workplace. This means that apprentices not only have better long term salary prospects, but they also have excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace.

If you are not quite ready for an Apprenticeship, or a job, a Traineeship will help unlock your great potential. A Traineeship will give you the work preparation training to prepare you for the world of work, English and maths skills and work experience needed to get an Apprenticeship or other job.

* The duration of an Apprenticeship depends on prior skills, the framework or standard, and the sector.


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