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About the network

London Focus

This section is all about apprenticeships in London from those actually involved in apprenticeships, from learners right through to employers and policy makers! These all take the form of videos so you get to here from those directly involved.

What learners think about apprenticeships - Shorts

This series of shorts offer snappy views on what apprenticeships have meant to the learners and how they have developed.

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What learners think about apprenticeships

These videos offer a more in depth view on what apprenticeships have meant to the learners and how they have helped them achieve their goals.

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Mother and daughter talk about apprenticeships

Telegraph Apprentice Megan Charles and her mother Gina give a powerful speech about the apprenticeship journey they have been on together

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A holistic look at the apprenticeship journey

In this section, the learner, employer and training provider discuss the apprenticeship journey and how they work together

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The relationship between learner and training provider

This section learners and training providers discuss apprenticeships and how by working together they can support the learner.

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The relationship between learner and employer

This section demonstrates the importance of a positive relationship between learners and their employers

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What employers think about apprenticeships

This section features employers talking about the benefits of taking on apprentices to their organisations and how they can support the learners

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Employer and training provider working together

In this section apprentices talk about their experience of working with an employer and engaging with a training provider

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The value of Apprenticeships in London

The value of apprenticeships is huge, in this section specialists talk about its benefits to learners and the economy

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A Parents Guide to Apprenticeships

This section is about apprenticeships for parents and provides all the useful background information needed to help your child make the right decision

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A general guide to Apprenticeships

This section gives a broad overview to apprenticeships, what they involve and the benefits to all stakeholders

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Celebrating Apprenticeships across London

This section features videos from two key celebration events held at City Hall in early 2016.

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JCP champions promoting Apprenticeships

This section about the work undertaken by Job Centre Pus (JCP) Champions for promoting Apprenticeships as part of AIAN London

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The value of the AIAN in London

Various stakeholders talk about being part of the Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network London and the benefits it has provided

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London Focus

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