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The Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network is formed of a diverse group of independent training providers and colleges across London, who deliver impartial information on Apprenticeships and Traineeships in a variety of settings, including secondary schools, sixth form colleges, Job Centre Plus offices, and other relevant organisations. You can find out more about us here!

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About the network

What you need to know about the Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network

Becoming an Ambassador

You can become an Ambassador in 5 easy steps if you:

  1. Commit to becoming an Apprenticeship Information Ambassador
  2. Are a training provider delivering in London.
  3. Are a member of the London Work Based Learning Alliance for details
  4. You have been subject to an Ofsted Inspection and received a grade 1 or 2 for the over all effectiveness of provision
  5. You will also be Matrix accredited which is the industry ‘standard’ to offer an IAG service

Hear about the network from some of the members

Two of our Ambassadors talk about what being part of the network is about.

London Focus Video Series

We have created a series of videos to show the real stories about apprenticeships and how they are a great opportunity for all involved.

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Please use the Contact Form to send an enquiry. The AIAN will then send you an application form. You can find out more about the process in the sections below.

What do we expect of an Apprenticeship Information Ambassador?

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Support for Ambassadors

Here we provide links to all you need to know as well as offering a private forum for AIAN members to discuss relevant issues.
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London Focus

Hear about apprenticeships in our video series.

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