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What do you need to know about apprenticeships?

Young people can ‘get in and go far’ with an apprenticeship at some of Britain’s biggest and brightest companies. They can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed up to degree level, while working and earning.

The Government’s ambition is for it to become the norm for young people to achieve their career goals by going into an apprenticeship or to undertake a degree or – in the case of some, higher and degree apprenticeships – doing both. Both can be equally prestigious routes to a great career and secure finances in the years ahead.

Apprenticeships have increased at a record rate. More than 850,000 people were earning and learning on an apprenticeship in the 2013/14 academic year. Higher apprenticeships are relatively new (introduced in 2009/10) but are the fastest growing part of the apprenticeship programme in England.


Apprenticeships Breakdown

We have provided more information about apprenticeships, including, what they are, progression routes, content and subjects available. These will help you make the right decision about the training available to your learners

Relationship Building with work based learning providers

Find out more about how you can build relationships with local providers and the benefits this has for your learners.

Support available to schools

There are many places you can go to get more information about apprenticeships and how you can be involved in your childs learning.

London Focus Video Series

We have created a series of videos to show the real stories about apprenticeships and how they are a great opportunity for all involved.

How to use the Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network

Find out about the process of getting support from an Ambassador.


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