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Are you a school career advisor? Need more information about Apprenticeships? Our network of Apprenticeship Information Ambassadors can help you!

We are planning on organising a series of Training sessions around London. Get in touch now to be added to our mailing list!

If your school is visited by an Apprenticeship Information Ambassador you will receive a digital kite mark to place on your website! This will confirm your commitment it promote independent career information to your students. Want to find out more? Contact us via email today!

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About the network

Relationship Building with WBL Providers

Do your staff need more information on what an Apprenticeship actually is?

Would you like an Apprenticeship Information Ambassador to attend YOUR staff meeting?

The Apprenticeship Information Ambassador Network consists of Independent Training Providers and Colleges ACROSS London. We can source an Ambassador to visit your school and explain the finer details of an Apprenticeship to you and your staff and learners.

Apprenticeship Information Ambassadors can attend Parent Evenings, PTA Briefings, Open Days. We are here to engage with you! Your staff. Your parents. Your learners.

Meeting the Apprenticeship Information Ambassadors is the perfect avenue to build networks with independent training providers and colleges, to find out more about the many differing apprenticeship paths available, and to keep up to date on vocational learning.

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